Mary ogran

As a young woman in a high school home economics class pulling my first batch of warm chocolate chip cookies out of the oven, a lifetime passion was born for the baking arts as I felt a deep sense of satisfaction and delight in my first baked creation.  I never dreamed of the thousands that would follow it.  

Having a heritage of five older sisters and a mother who were all gifted bakers themselves, that foundation and passion would grow into a joyful career. They generously tutored me in their experience and talent and shared many special family recipes and traditions.  There would be other mentors along this journey who would inspire me and add their own talents and most treasured recipes to my own collection.

Today, The Cottage Bakery is the result of this forty year baking journey and this special collection of one of a kind specialty baked creations. It still delights me each time I open my oven door.  My wedding cakes, specialty desserts, and holiday treasures have now become the centerpiece of so many other families' traditions.  Each of my creations are lovingly prepared from the freshest ingredients - by hand and when ordered - just like those first creations from my family's own oven. Call today and let me add you to my family of very satisfied customers!  I look forward to starting a new tradition for your own special occasions.


Committed to the freshest and finest quality of baked goods